The Happy List- Week 2

Summer is here! There’s a whole new list of favorite things to be appreciated. Here’s the top 10 things that made me smile this week. 

1. The start of summer. Y’all know that summer is my jam. I love how life slows down and warms up. We sleep later, we stay up longer, we permanently smell like sunscreen and bug spray. Will I be this in love with summer in a couple of months? Probably not. But for now, Yes!!! 

2. Elastic-waist loose shorts. Sure, my hubby thinks they look like pajamas. Heck, they are pretty darn close. But not only are they in style, they don’t squeeze my thighs until they are bursting at the seams. My current faves are $5 at the Wal-Mart. You’re welcome. 

3. The baseball field. Whether you’re at your child’s little league game or the professional stadium, nothing says American summer like being at a ball field. Grab a hot dog and a cold drink and you’re set. 

4. Watermelon. This red, juicy, heavenly fruit is on my favorites list for life. I ate so much watermelon when I was pregnant I thought I just might give birth to one. I especially love buying them whole and slicing them up. $5.99 at Costco people. The life span of a whole watermelon in my house is about 3 days. We are addicts. 

5. Hummingbirds. Every late spring/summer, we fill up the old feeder and they come for a visit. This spring, we actually had one stuck in our garage. The poor thing was exhausted and perfectly still, which I had never seen. We managed to set it free, and it was fascinating. We love to watch them from our sitting room as they fight over the feeder, those fiesty little guys. 

6. The pool. I know it can be high-maintenance with kids, (although this is finally the year no one is in a puddle jumper or a swim diaper) but when you’ve finished out the day with worn-out little ones wreaking of chlorine, it’s a darn good feeling. 

7. Good neighbors. You can’t pick your neighbors, much like you can’t pick your family. So when you have good ones, it’s like winning the lottery. Friday night we lost our dog (we scared him off while shooting fireworks) and so many neighbors grabbed their flashlights and took to the streets. My one sweet dog-loving neighbor drove around with me for hours. Bear did make it back (ever so non-challantly) around 3am that morning. We are so grateful for that furry little stinker and that we are surrounded by awesomeness. 

8. The Bachelorette.  I know, you’re rolling your eyes. But it’s so much mindless fun. Now you know where to find me on Monday nights. 

9. I feel like I haven’t mentioned enough food! How about vanilla bean ice cream? How good is it?! And what is it about those tiny bean specks?!! Delish. 

10. Memorial Day. Not necessarily a happy day, given the circumstances. But a day of celebration. A day of patriotism, which always makes me tear up a bit. A day to recognize the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom. I am forever grateful.